Thursday, April 23, 2009

FreakAngels vol. 2

Yesterday, the second volume of Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield's online comic FreakAngels arrived. Anyone who's read the first FreakAngels graphic novel or read it online knows that the level of quality established right from page one never lets up, rather it just intensifies.
I don't have anything new to add that I didn't already say in my blog entry towards the end of last year when the first FreakAngels collection came out, and really this art says way more than any combination of letters I can put together.
Click on this page to the left and above to see them in their larger glory. As a refresher for those who don't already know what FreakAngels is, basically it's an end of the world scenario, with very few people left alive and twelve of those have immense power (but FreakAngels isn't about super powered characters beating the crap out of each other - not that there's anything wrong with that).

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