Friday, April 10, 2009


This wall, which the lighted Joker poster is hanging upon, is the center point of my store. I'd gotten an idea of how to do some "simple" punch up things for the store from a workshop I attended at the ComicsPro retailer meeting in Memphis a few weeks ago. This is the before work commenced photo.
Yesterday morning I started painting and didn't cover anything, but quickly found out how stupid that was because, of course, most comics already have enough color without me making paint variants. I was also having a bitch of a time painting as I hadn't cleaned the brushes I was using that well after using them on a house project last week and I hadn't thought that I was going to have to use a primer before applying my new color on the existing grey.

So after doing about 5% of the wall and deciding it looked like crap, went back to the paint store and got some better brushes. Then my friend and new helper here at the store, fearless Rob Perez, came in and originally I was going to have him babysit the nerve center of the store (the cash register / POS system), but he said he'd do the painting if I wanted him to. So I wisely said "Sure, give it a stab" because my painting of this wall wasn't going as smoothly as the walls I've painted in our house. Rob quickly determined that a primer was going to be needed, so off to the paint store he went. The primer was the trick, and while it still took longer then I would have thought (due to having to put on several coats of primer and the differences between the original and new color), I could see that Rob was making the wall happen the way I wanted it to look.
Actually I couldn't be happier with the end result and after finishing putting up the posters and such back up on that wall this morning, I definitely think that this yellow accent wall was just the visual pop out that I thought it would be. Any business has to do things differently from time to time to keep from stagnating and other then adding my POS system to streamline my store's data and ordering operations last year, I haven't done much different visually in a while with the store.

When I was telling one of my customers (and a regular reader of this blog) about this project forthcoming, he seemed a little underwhelmed that this was what I was talking about when I blogged about some ideas I took back with me from the Memphis ComicsPro show (I may have misinterpreted his reaction though). Actually if I didn't misinterpret his reaction, I can in retrospect understand how whatever I do, short of expanding my store into the next space or moving (both of which I have no near future plans of doing), would live up to my tone in my blog entry of things I was thinking of doing here at the store after coming back from Memphis. I think that, for me, this one wall having a color change is a dramatic change enhancement because I'm here six days a week, but to my customers the most I can hope for is that they appreciate these changes on at least a subconscious level. To illustrate what I just said, as of 5pm today (a few hours after I've completed that wall), not one of the people who've been at my store today have commented on my yellow wall (admittedly there's a lot of things going on elsewhere in the store and most people know where they're going within the store and or noticed the change, but just didn't feel the need to comment). I do hope people like changes like this that I make and that they'll tell me if they don't (even though it's not something easily undone, I do take negative comments into consideration when thinking about new changes). Anyway, I'm not fishing for comments / compliments, so please don't take the preceding as such.

I have another painting project that I want to do here at the store (no it doesn't involve painting the whole rest of the store yellow as much as I like yellow), but I'm going to hold off on that because as I thought more about it, it is going to be a really big project and the next thing on the store's plate of things to do is to finally get my dumb storage room of comic books into my back issue boxes here at the store so that they can find nice homes (and this will be started this tomorrow and should be mostly finished in a couple of months). I'm thinking that when I finally get ready to do my next painting project, that I'll have a little poll here at the store to see how present customers think about what I'm looking to do and maybe there'll be suggestions for a better way to do it that I haven't considered. Not so secretly, I will cry if everyone doesn't love my yellow wall though (and I don't think my photo here does the change justice, so you'll have to stop by for the full visual onslaught)!


Rick Tucker said...

Yellow is a tough color, but based on the lacking comments it was apparently the right color. Too much notice would mean you had some considerable contrasting going on. Yellow is mellow and so much so that I'm sure some people noticed but not too much. If you were looking for the customers eyes to pop! yellow is not the color to achieve that affect, especially not in the four color paradise that is a comic shop. Personally, I think it looks great and it does add something fun to the store's interior, even if not remarkably so.
In short, it's perfect.

Ralph Mathieu said...

Thank you, kind sir.

Red She Said said...

I think the yellow adds the perfect amount of pizazz! :)

Ralph Mathieu said...

You would say that, Ms. Copying Me By Having One Of Your Blog Posts Called "Yellow"! Seriously I didn't read her blog before I did my Yellow entry yesterday - just synchronicity.

Andrea Walter said...

I'll will make sure to look at the yellow wall when I come pick up my comics :)

Fad23 said...

Stopped in to your store today, looking for a comics fix while working in town for a week.

I didn't particularly notice the yellow wall, having been distracted by your very amazing selection. I kinda had a feeling when I saw Promethea in your Bizarro window-paint that I was walking in to a special store. I'm glad I stopped by.

Then I heard you were a fan of Howard the Duck and knew that I should send you a line. It's great that someone with a good breadth of comics knowledge is able to put together a store like yours. Thanks for that!

I'll be subscribing to your blog now. Feel free to check mine out too.

Ty said...

Tracks down a 4 month old "dead comic" and mentioned in a lame funny-book blog.
Best Week Evah!
Strike up the band

I just didn't think that painting a wall was something that a comic trade convention inspires a shop owner to do. A nagging wife, a leftover dusty can of paint in the garage, a uninspired stop on some home decorating/remodel show on the telly while surfing channels. Sure, right.

Also, what Wolverine book (Graphic Novel please) is one you would push to a reader like the guy ahead of me in line, with his date behind me in line, who never read Alan Moore's What Ever Happened. . Superman book (WTF? But I've seen 2 people ahead in line buy and talk about never having read/heard of Watchmen before at your store). Is there any extra stock in the store for that? (I gotta assume a FCBD ish is on deck, but I'd wager the Claremont/Miller or BWS Weapon X is the #1 survey says answer; Does Origin get any love or is it a step-inlaw-bastard type book?)).
And is the renumbering/rescheduling issues of the monthly book pathetically awesome or awesomely pathetic?
Sorry about the length and the meandering

Happy New Comics Wednesday 7/18/18 - Life of Captain Marvel, Magic Order #2 (we still have #1 too!), conclusion of Infinity Countdown, Justice League edition!

 Hope all of my friends going to the San Diego Comic-Con this week have a GREAT time!