Monday, October 4, 2010

De: Tales; Moon & Ba

As regualur readers of Ich Liebe Comics! this past year already know, I've been really enjoying Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba's Vertigo series Daytripper, so when this new edition of De: Tales (which I hadn't read when it originally came out years ago) was solicited I was eagerly awaiting reading some of their earlier work. De: Tales was originally published as a softcover volume in 2006, but a couple of weeks ago, Dark Horse produced a new hardcover version (with the cover art directly on the hardcover, not on a silly dust jacket like most hardcovers).
De: Tales is a collection of twelve short stories (well really eleven as one story gets two versions) with Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba both handling the writing and alternating on the art. I think that I didn't read De: Tales when it first came out because usually short story collections have way more misses than hits, but now, having read De: Tales, I can say that there are no duds in this book. If you've enjoyed Daytripper and the themes that Moon and Ba explored within that series (and just great people stories), you'll enjoy De: Tales.

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