Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Richard Stark's Parker The Outfit; Darwyn Cooke

No spoilers following:

Darwyn Cooke returns with another Richard Stark Parker novel adaptation, this one titled The Outfit. Published by IDW in a handsome hardcover volume, like Cooke's previous Parker adaptation, The Hunter, The Outfit is just more of Darwyn Cooke showing off what an amazing sequential art storyteller he is.

As I started to read The Outfit, I'm thinking to myself "What if this isn't as good as The Hunter?", but that question / doubt is quickly thrown out the door because The Outfit is even better than The Hunter (how is that even possible?)! One doesn't even have to read The Hunter to get into the world of Parker, but you'll want to after reading The Outfit if you haven't already. Richard Stark and Darwyn Cooke's Parker is just top shelf crime fiction and anyone who does the quickest of page turns to see what Cooke does with his art, will appreciate right away that this Darwyn Cooke is a cartoonist at the top of his game. Darwyn Cooke is one of those creators who make other comic book writer / artists ask how does he do what he does so seemingly easily?

Seriously, make sure that The Outfit is the last book you read if you buy more than one comic or graphic novel, because everything else will just be anti-climatic. As you're reading The Outfit, you'll find yourself asking "How can this get any better?" and page after page it just does.


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