Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chimo; David Collier

Chimo is Inuit for "hello" and is the title of the new graphic novel by David Collier. David Collier has been creating graphic novel biographies for years with an art style very evocative of Robert Crumb. I'm going to say something that some people will think is sacrilegious, but I'm not the biggest fan of Robert Crumb's (or similar styles) artwork. I say this not to be shocking, rather to illustrate that though I'm not a big fan of Collier's art, he's a great storyteller and how one feels about his art, will not get in the way of enjoying Chimo.

In Chimo, David Collier recounts his stint with re-enlisting in the Canadian army at the age of 40 to be a part of the Canadian War Artists Program. This book is fascinating because it shows how Canada actually allows a person that's 40 years old to re-enlist, but they still have to go through basic training. David Collier details how he sustained an injury during one of the training exercises, went through some intensive rehabilitation, and went on to complete his training to serve in the artist program of the Canadian Army. My hat is off to David Collier for re-enlisting in the Canadian Army and showing the kids that a person of the "advanced" age of 40 can still do what it takes (and makes for a highly entertaining graphic novel to boot)!

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