Saturday, April 23, 2011

Expanded showcase section & new adult section!

The past few days, with the able assistance of my buddy Jim McKenzie, I've been punching up some sections of Alternate Reality Comics. I've also ordered some other displays that will hopefully arrive in the next two weeks for the front section of the store.

This first photo shows the addition of another showcase display for older titles. The display with the white trim used to be a front window display, but I've got another display that works better there. This white-trimmed display is a display that even predates my ownership of this store (1995) and with Jim having just newly painting it yesterday, I think it makes a nice addition to the back issue section of Alternate Reality Comics.
This bright yellow display (painted by Jim a couple of months ago) now used for my adult titles used to be at the front of my store's new location (not with the adult titles though), but I used this display at the store's old location (it was blue then, for anyone who cares about that side note) and I think this display is really the best display for adult titles (it covers up a lot of the "naughty" parts of the cover - grin!).

I'm also going to be doing a fairly big remodel to a section of the back of my store (hopefully in May or early June) that I think will be an exciting part of Alternate Reality Comics, but I don't want to "spoil" what this will be until it happens. This also applies to the new things I'm doing with the front of the store, so I hope all of you Ich Liebe Comics! readers will look forward to these Alternate Reality Comics changes!


Anonymous said...

I love the new layout!

Ralph Mathieu said...

Thanks, Brieanna!

Anonymous said...

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