Friday, May 11, 2012

FCBD 2012: BIG WOW pt. 1!

Free Comic Book Day gets bigger every year and this years' 11th annual one was no exception, other than that the increase from last year was even bigger than any year to year increase previously! The first Saturday is always such a busy day in Vegas, with so many other events going on, so I'm especially grateful to EVERYONE who came out to Alternate Reality Comics FCBD celebrations (especially as Vegas has so many great comic book stores!)! I had soooo many great friends / worker bees helping me out here last Saturday, including Kate and our friend, Christie (seen here in her lovely Star Trek uniform)!
SO many peoples came in all day to get some great FREE comics, sketches from local artists (and a visiting Florida artist / friend), and just bask in the fun that FCBD is!
The real Fantastic Four! Huge thanks to the Very Awesome Girls Into Nerdy Activities for helping make the fun atmosphere at Alternate Reality Comics even funner (?)!
As I said above, I have great friends, who are also great worker bees, such as Jim and Michelle, who took care of people on the main deck of the store, and Paul, who helped people with their FREE comic selections all day!
My good friends, Rick and Zena, who sadly for me live all the way in Florida, were in town for a few days and graciously helped out. Zena, along with Kate and Christie, took it upon herself to greet people as they entered Alternate Reality Comics and made sure they got raffle tickets for tickets we had to give away for the upcoming Las Vegas Comic Expo and Batman Live! I was happily surprised when Zena told me she was going to be Olive Oyl (Popeye's gal, of course!)! We also had the Sausagefest Food Truck out for a few hours and I'd like to say that their veggie sausage with roasted pineapples and onions was uber delicious! Part two and three of my FCBD 2012 entries continues below, with more photos of people who came in costume and an entry on the artists that were sketching for many happy people (the blog template I use here only allows five photos per entry, that's why this is in three parts). Again, sorry that these three entries aren't in the right order, blogger is being weird - thanks for reading Ich Liebe Comics!

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