Friday, May 11, 2012

FCBD 2012: WOW pt. 2!

Kit Kendall (here in costume as a lovely Thor) has been part of Alternate Reality Comics' FCBD celebrations for the last two years now and has been at many of our events as Harley Quinn. This year Kit debuted her new Thor costume and it was a BIG crowd pleaser! My friend Jason (and friend to all of the greater Las Vegas comic book community) also dressed as another alternate reality Thor (grin), so along with Kit's Thor, there was a lot of power at Alternate Reality Comics for FCBD 2012!
Dave Jurvelin's always awesome daughters! Dave is growing his daughters up right (grin!), in addition to being a high school teacher (and swim coach) in his spare time when he's not the big Las Vegas comic book fan he is (grin)!
Another photo of my friend Zena, rocking her Olive Oyl, alongside Sam Gorrie as Wonder Woman! Sam was also one of the local artists that drew for people last Saturday!
Great local artist, Damien Drake, seen here as a Skrull Wolverine, with Regina, and her daughter, Tigra! When Skrull Wolvie came into my store last Saturday, I had no idea that he was Damien (sorry to blow your secret identity, Damien!)! Besides the three of them coming in such fantastic costumes, Damien gifted me one of his paintings that was part of the Artist Spotlight section of Alternate Reality Comics a few months ago (I'll be hanging this here at the store to share with everyone)! Two other friends of Kate and I, Tony and Theresa, came by for FCBD 2012 with their Arizona artist friend, David Rabbitte, who gifted me and Kate with two beautiful Star Wars prints (I have an awesome color drawing he did of Epstein as Captain America he did for me a couple of years ago here at the store also)! I am very fortunate indeed to have so many great friends who share my passion for comics!
Here we have a couple of two of the BEST Captain America's you'll see anywhere! Heath Randall is one half of Vegas' uber fans / comic power couple (his lovely wife, Brieanna Brock Randall, who is also the queen of cosplay in Las Vegas, was very disappointed that she couldn't make it this past Saturday, so you'll have to see her debut her Batwoman costume in two weeks at the Phoenix Con!)! I've got a LOT more photos from FCBD 2012 on my Alternate Reality Comics, Las Vegas! facebook page, so I hope you'll check those out if you haven't already seen them! Please check out the entry below for part three of my FCBD 2012 entries (and part one is, of course, above) in which you'll see some art from the artists I had out. Ugh, well the order isn't as described it above and I'd like to apologize for the lack of paragraph breaks as blogger isn't working as it has previously.

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