Sunday, June 30, 2013

Old Man Logan; Millar & McNivan

Wolverine Old Man Logan collects issues #66-72, of Wolverine plus Wolverine Old Man Logan Giant-Size, which were originally published from June 2008-September 2009. Written by Mark Millar and drawn by Steve McNiven, this was a story arc that took place in the far future, a future in which horrible things happened that saw the end of all super- heroes and Wolverine did something so horrible that he vowed to never use his claws again.

When I originally read Old Man Logan as it was serialized, I enjoyed it as one of the very few really entertaining Wolverine stories I'd read (the only other good Wolverine story for me besides the Byrne / Claremont X-Men era Wolverine and maybe the Frank Miller Wolverine mini series, was Mark Millar's other epic Wolverine story, Enemy of the State, drawn by John Romita Jr.). Something that happens in the very last chapter really annoyed me though and almost ruined the whole story for me. Re-reading this story though, I was more forgiving when I got to this super suspension of disbelief episode at the end and just went with what Millar and McNiven were doing, which was creating a high octane superhero romp and because it takes place in the future, they could do things that they wouldn't be permitted to do in current continuity. Wolverine Old Man Logan is a book that anyone could read and enjoy (if you enjoy over the top superhero stories with hyper realistic art) without being saddled with a lot of X-Men or Wolverine backstory.

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