Sunday, June 30, 2013

Revival; Seeley & Norton

 Just finished the first collection of Revival (contains the first five issues), a different kind of zombie story by writer, Tim Seeley and artist, Mike Norton. Revival takes place in a rural part of Wisconsin, where people are coming back to life, only they're not the mindless zombies we know from Romero movies or the Walking Dead. What has caused this is also unknown through the first five issues in this collection. I want to read more Revival and see where this is going, but I'd have to say for me that Revival isn't quite the page turner or experience I get out of Walking Dead. I'll give Revival another volume to "sell" me on whether I want to stick with this title, the fact that I read this right after Neonomicon and Old Man Logan and Rachel Rising earlier, probably didn't do the reading of experience of Revival any favors, so it may just be me as this title has been getting good critical attention.

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