Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy New Comics Wednesday 10/23/13 - BIG Image debut week!

 Looking for some new titles to jump on board with? Well Image has two new releases out today. Pretty Deadly and Velvet! And a new Samurai Jack comic from IDW! Second issue of the VERY different Sex Criminals is also out as well as the Justice League chapter of Forever Evil (Justice League Dark this week is also a Forever Evil tie-in)! A new Love and Rockets by Los Bros. Hernandez (I just got my copies this week as they were missing in my shipment last week)!
 Marvel Now What!? - is a send up spoof of Marvel Now! Lots of Infinity tie-ins today too, with Nova, Secret Avengers, Infinity Heist, and Infinity Hunt! Not pictured, but one of the titles I'm most looking forward (dreading) to read is this week's Young Avengers (what's gonna happen to Kid Loki!?)!
A brand NEW original Hellboy graphic novel by Mike Mignola and Duncan Fregado! We also got the beautiful, great Black Beetle hardcover in as well as the first Joker Death In The family hardcover, and the newest Palookaville! Comics will never shut down (grin)!

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