Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy New Comics Wednesday - 4/16/14 - COMICS!!!!

The penultimate issue of the first story arc of AVoice in the Dark and it's another great one, with some great twists (we have all issues in stock if you want to check this out)! The second issue of the returned Stray Bullets is another fantastic self contained story that will stay with you long after you've read it! Sales on Stray Bullets since its return have been somewhat lackluster strangely, because it has been well reviewed and everyone who reads it loves it (if they enjoy mature crime fictionesque narratives) - so today (Wed., April 16th), I'm going to GIVE the first 15 people who ask me about Stray Bullets, the first issue FREE! Haven't checked out Sex Criminals, one of the best new titles out there yet? Well today Image has a nicely priced ($9.99!) first volume out!
Third issue of the new Ms. Marvel is out and it's the best superhero title I've read so far this week and continues to be one of my most eagerly awaited new titles! Side note time: Every week I've got these eighteen slots up at the main counter to spotlight this week's new arrivals. This week is one of those weeks in which 18 slots isn't anywhere close to enough spotlight all of the great comics and trades that came out! For example, not included in these three photos is a title that's rocketing up to one of my new favorites, Auteur from Oni Press, Unwritten, Mercenary Sea, a new Regular Show trade as well as a new Adventure Time trade, and the third issue of Bernie Wrightson's Frankenstein Alive (you've got to look at this art, it's by a master sequential artist at the top of his craft!)! Actually as I just wrote the preceding sentence, I just thought of what I'll do in future weeks regarding writing this weekly teaser on New Comics Wednesday titles for those titles I don't have room to spotlight on these front displays!
Genesis is a new self contained comic from Image written by Nathan Edmondson with fantastic art by Alison Sampson. It's a beautiful and horrifying story of power and destruction that I was quite surprised with. We also go in the new Funko Marvel mystery boxes and as you can tell by the Silver Surfer above, they're pretty damn cute, right!?

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