Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy New Comics Wednesday - Original Sin #0, Elektra, Flash, Daredevil, and...!

Original Sin is a Marvel mini series about the Watcher being killed by someone who also took out his eyes. Today's Original Sin #0 is more of a Nova-centric story (but a really good Nova story) in which we also learn a lot about the Watcher before he is found dead in the first issue which comes out in two weeks. Original Sin is by Mark Waid and Jim Cheung. Also by Waid today is the new Daredevil and it's another great issue! Elektra debuts today and you've got to look at the interior art - it's really beautiful!
Secret Origins also debuts from DC today, this is a title that will have new origins of the new DC 52 characters! Do you miss Animal Man? - Well he's back in Justice League United! Things really get turned up in the third issue of Batman Eternal and we get the introduction to a character we haven't seen prior to this comic in the new DC 52!
The conclusion to All Out War is in Walking Dead #127 this week (and we just came into a BIG Walking Dead collection if you're looking for any previous issues - we should have them ready to go in the next couple of days!) and it wasn't the ending I thought we'd see, but I think it was an ending that's going to continue to make this title a must read right away title every time it comes out! New issue of Powers Bureau today, new Flash (with the new creative team and the start of a storyline in which we see a character we haven't yet seen in the new DC 52), Oni brings us new issues of Letter 44 and Bunker, Image has Manhattan Projects, Zero, Thief of Thieves,  Lazarus, Ghosted, and Sheltered, there's two James Robinson comics this week - Fantastic Four & Invaders, and Matt Kindt has a new issue of Mind MGMT out!

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