Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Happy New Comics Wednesday 2/11/15 - Darth Vader, Walking Dead, Spider-Verse, Thor edition!

 Marvel is taking their whole return to publishing Star Wars comics pretty seriously! This week's Darth Vader #1, by Keiron Gillen and Salvador Larroca is page after page of pure excitement! This week's Walking dead issue is a special Valentine's day issue (grin)! If you've never read Darwyn Cooke's excellent New Frontier (shame on you - grin), well DC just released this gorgeous hardcover volume collecting the entire series (which used to be done as two trade paperbacks) with LOTS of extras - highest possible recommendation!
 Second chapter of Black Vortex, new Thor! The mystery title that has been affected by light glare is Amazing Spider-Man #14, the final chapter of the crazy good Spider-Verse storyline!
The return of Chaykin's Satellite Sam, Velvet, and the first Ellis Trees trade paperback! Southern Bastards is out too, as well as Astro City and Winter Soldier!

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