Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Happy New Comics Wednesday 3/4/15 - Princess Leia, new direction Spider-Woman, Lemire's Hawkeye, & Sig sSg's Artist Spotlight Opening Reception!

 Lots of AWESOME out today!! And we have an Artist Spotlight Opening Reception featuring local artist, Sig Sig that is literally out of this world! More details below!!

Tonight's Artist Spotlight Opening Reception (Wednesday, March 4th from 5-8pm) details:

Sig Sig, is one of Las Vegas' most imaginative artists and Alternate Reality Comics is happy to share with everyone his newest phase of his art, his Out of Our World paintings of the cosmos! These paintings are gorgeous and I can't wait to see a lot of them together! So please join us in welcoming Sig and his space paintings at our opening reception Wednesday, March 4th from 5-8pm and be prepared to have your eyes and mind blown away! We'll have complimentary snacks, wine, and other beverages for you to enjoy while you MARVEL at Sig's art and visit with him and other local art lovers!

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Happy New Comics Wednesday 8/16/17 - Big Metal #1 release, Kirby 100th B-Day Celebration local artist opening tonight (with a HUGE Kirby cake), & Very Awesome Girls LV Book Drive / Bake Sale this Saturday edition!!

 I hope everyone has stayed off of the interwebs and not had this first issue spoiled! After these three photos showing some of the comics...