Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Red Ten; Tyler James & Cesar Feliciano

The Red Ten is a new comic book series from the self-distributed publisher, Comix Tribe, who brought us that other recent sell out debut, Scam (of which Alternate Reality Comics just received copies of the second printing of #1 yesterday). Creator / writer, Tyler James' inspiration for The Red Ten comes from Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians, and if you know anything about that novel, well you know that The Red Ten is a murder mystery, except here in this ten issue comic series by James and Feliciano, the central characters are super heroes.

The art in the first issue is a little rough (the story is still strong and is quite the page turner!), but with issue two, local Vegas artist, Vic Moya, joins the team as inker and the improvement is dramatic. The Red Ten is a really well thought out new comic that incorporates Justice League type characters into a dark scenario in which, based on the first two issues, not many of the characters will still be alive by the time this series ends. HUGE money back guarantee, both issues in stock NOW!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tales From Fremont Street signing & SafeNest benefit, Saturday, Feb. 25th 12-3pm!

Tomorrow, Saturday, February 25th from 12-3pm, here at Alternate Reality Comics, we'll be hosting a signing by some of the local artists who did the comic book anthology, Tales From Fremont Street, including Pj Perez, Warren Wucinich, cover artist Jska Priebe, Deryl Skelton, F. Andrew Taylor, and Ed Hawkins! Their original art will also be on display at the Artist Spotlight gallery section of our store and they'll have copies of Tales From Fremont Street and the previous years' Tales From the Boneyard (both only five dollars each!) for sale and to personalize!

This event will also be a benefit for SafeNest, a local charity for victims of domestic abuse. People can bring the following needed items from the SafeNest site: And we're having several raffles for fabulous prizes, with raffle tickets costing only one dollar each (all of the raffle ticket monies will also be donated to SafeNest) as well as a portion of our back issue sales for the day being donated to SafeNest. Some of the raffle prizes include gift certificates, graphic novels, calendars, variant edition comic books, and some SURPRISES!

And we'll have FREE REFRESHMENTS!! Hope to see a lot of my lovely Ich Liebe Comics! readers / Alternate Reality Comics patrons / friends to support local art (which if you haven't already seen Tales From Fremont Street, well let me tell you, it's alive and doing very well!) and a local charity, SafeNest, that provides a valuable service to our community! And you'll get to see the glorious art from Tales From Fremont Street in its original glory!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kirby Krackle & Adam Warrock tonight LIVE - this will be EPIC!!

Tonight at 9pm, over at Choices Pub (6720 W. Cheyenne, Las Vegas, NV. 89108, near Comic Oasis), nerd rockers Kirby Krackle and nerd rapper Adam Warrock will be performing here in Las Vegas as part of their West Coast tour - and it's only $5.00!!

Here's a Kirby Krackle song / animated video called "Up, Up, Down, Down" that gives you an idea about their sound (and listen / watch for the unexpected direction this song takes toward the end!): (actually I tried having a link here, but it doesn't want to work, so please, please just do a youtube search on Kirby Krackle Up, Up, Down, Down - you'll thank me!)

Adam Warrock will be opening for Kirby Krackle, and I'd recommend clicking the following link to their website: http://www.adamwarrock.com/, click on their new album out now (called You Dare Call That Thing Human?!?) over on the top left and listen to some of the songs there (I'd recommend starting with 616, which fans of Marvel Comics know as the numerical designation for Marvel Earth, the one that is in the main continuity).

This will be like an uber geek prom and for only five dollars, this is the deal of the day (you'll be kicking yourself if you miss this!)! Thanks to Derrick Taylor of Comic Oasis for being a big part of making this happen! And how about this uber cool tour illustration above!? Hopefully they've made t-shirts with this image!