Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Happy New Comics Wednesday 11/14/18 - LOTS of exciting, different comics this week in addition to some returning favorites! This Friday last day to win a copy of Batman Damned #1!!

 After these photos, check out how you could win a copy of Batman Damned #1 and help out one of Vegas' food banks, Three Square!

Bring in cans / nonperishable foods and get a raffle ticket to win the out of print, naughty (grin) Batman Damned #1! The winning ticket gets drawn this Friday at 6pm! Thanks to the Very Awesome Girls LV for putting this food drive together!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Happy New Comics Wednesday 11/7/18 - Grant Morrison's Green Lantern #1, Blackbird, Dead Rabbit, Andi Robinson Artist Spotlight Opening Reception edition!

 Details about Andi Robinson's Artist Spotlight after the third photo! Thanks for supporting local artists!

From 4-7pm!

Anyone who has seen Andi Robinson's art on display at Millennium Fandom Bar downtown already knows what a fantastic artist she is! Alternate Reality Comics is elated to host Andi Robinson and her art to share with others as she is our November Artist Spotlight artist! We hope a lot of you can make it to Andi's Opening Reception Wednesday, November 7th from 4-7pm to lavish ego strokes upon her and maybe even buy art from her (all sales of art at our Artist Spotlight go directly to the artist!)! Free beverages and snacks! These four images is just a small sample of Andi's art on display here and you will NOT believe how low her prices are!!