Friday, September 7, 2007

Crossing Midnight

Crossing Midnight #10, which came out a couple of weeks ago, is the start of a new storyline and a great jumping on place for new readers as well as people who just like great, original stories.

Crossing Midnight is written by Mike Carey (Lucifer) with great art on this story arc by Eric Nguyen (at first when I heard that regular artist Jim Fern wasn't drawing this arc I was worried, but I'm happy that my fears were unfounded). Bedtime Stories is about the disturbing teenage prostitution phenomenon in Japan called telephone clubs in which men can go to these phone clubs and call numbers posted there and even actually meet up with the girls. Mike Carey also has an interesting essay at the end of the issue on the genesis for this story. Take a look at Crossing Midnight #10 at your favorite comic and or bookstore and odds are you'll want to pick up the first trade which is only ten bucks. I apologize for using Ich Liebe Comics to play the saleperson, but I like to think that some great books will just get lost in the sea of everything else out there so they need every extra shout out that they can get and I know that there are discriminating readers who would like Crossing Midnight (if you're not already reading it).

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