Monday, January 28, 2008

blurry ComicsFest pics

The lovely wife, Kate, behind my booth at Saturday's ComicsFest at the West Sahara library. The mini convention was a great time, attendance was even better than expected, and I was having such a good time chatting with people and selling books that I mostly forgot to take pictures. So I only have these three photos of not so great quality from the event (and I had a perfect opportunity to take a photo of special guest Greg Rucka when he was at my booth, but didn't, sob, sob!).
Me with my good friends Todd, Brandi, and MJ. Five local stores set up at the show and they all seemed to be doing well. I heard the panels and workshops were also well attended.

MJ Murry attending her first comics show. She'll be attending her first San Diego comic-con this summmer so hopefully ComicsFest was a good primer for her! Seriously though, while ComicsFest was nowhere near what San Diego comic-con is, from my perspective (and from the other dealers I talked to and the people that attended) the West Sahara library put on a great show, it was well organized, and an all around fun exposure for many of what the comic book medium has to offer. Take a bow Andrew, Katrina, and everyone else at the Las Vegas library system who made this event happen!


kreeson1 said...

Hey Ralph, I am sorry I missed the show,do you know if there will another show next year?

Ralph Mathieu said...

The people that put on the show were impressed with the turnout so I think early signs are good for another one happening.

Nevada Clan said...

I was very impressed with LV Comicsfest! Especially your booth! I love the picture of MJ showing up on your blog!