Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dustin & Derek signing

Dustin Nguyen, holding a sketchbook for which he just completed another of his great Batman sketches. Dustin is the new artist / penciller half of Detective Comics (he also does the beautiful covers in lush watercolors).
Derek Fridolfs, showing the fantastic sketch he did of Red Skull for the other Derek (friend and owner of Comic Oasis)! Derek is the second half of the new artist / inker team on Detective Comics.
Dustin and Derek made those who showed up at the signing on Sunday very happy by producing fantastic sketch after fantastic sketch. These are artists that entered the industry with very exciting, distinctive styles and it's going to be exciting to watch them evolve and draw their way through the DC universe!
Thanks Dustin and Derek for coming to my store for this signing and thanks to everyone who showed up!


Todd C. Murry said...

I got busy! So sorry I couldn't make it. It looks like it went GREAT!

Camila said...