Thursday, January 10, 2008

Joel's X-Ray eyes!

This morning I picked up my friend, Joel, from one of those places where they scrape your eyelids, charge you a good sum of money, and hopefully thereafter you'll see better without the need for glasses or contact lenses (I've heard this is called Lasik surgery, but really it's still eylid scraping!).

Joel said already he can see much better and that by the time he wakes up he should be about as close to 20/20 as he can be. After I drove off from dropping him off at his house I was thinking that he reminded me of a 1963 movie by Roger Corman called X: The Man With The X Ray Eyes, in which this doctor experiments with X ray vision and things go horribly wrong. I'm going to guess that things aren't going to go horribly wrong with Joel's eyesight, it's just his sunglasses over the protective gear they put around your eyes so that you don't rub them, made him look like that guy in that movie. Now maybe Joel will get around to reading all of those unread comics he's got piling up!

If you go over to youtube and enter in "lasik surgery" in the search field, the first video that comes up is a good creepy look at how it's done (and like Joel said, it looks like something out of Clockwork Orange!).

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Todd C. Murry said...

It's a CORNEAL scraping, not an eyelid scraping... far more squirm inducing.