Friday, March 14, 2008

P. Craig Russell, art god

The other day I was walking past my display racks here at my store and I caught a glimpse of The Art of P. Craig Russell and got to thinking "I can't believe I haven't given this great book and this great artist a big shout out here on my little blog!" P. Craig Russell is easily on my top five of favorite artists of all time and The Art of P. Craig Russell is a template for how art books should be done. This book came out at the end of 2007 and I don't have enough hyperbole within me to convey how excellent The Art of P. Craig Russell is (256 oversized hardcover, published by Desperado). P. Craig Russell guides the reader of his art book through an incredibly comprehensive overview of his 25 plus years working in the comic book medium, with his insights on where he was in his mindspace when creating a particular piece and shows us the evolution and process of his craft.
Most people that are familiar with Russell in this modern age of comics (post 1980), discovered P. Craig Russell from his Sandman story in issue #50, Ramadan, from his short story in Sandman: Endless Nights (and for his adaptations of other Neil Gaiman prose works, of which later this year will see two more fine additions: Coraline and Sandman Dream Hunters). Other people became aquainted with Russell's art via his Elric adaptations and or through his excellent Opera adatations such as The Ring of the Nibelung and The Magic Flute.

Other people of an advanced age such as myself, first fell in love with P. Craig Russell's art that he did in for Marvel in the 1970's such as Dr. Strange and Killraven (especially in the Killraven original graphic novel). It's often been said that P. Craig Russell's art is lyrical, well I can't come up with a better description, as Russell's art truely does seem to sing (probably why his art is so suited to doing the opera adaptations he's done). In addition to adapting Neil Gaiman work's, Russell's art has graced Marvel and DC characters (yes, he's done Batman), he's done Conan, and he's adapted Kipling's Jungle Book and various works of Oscar Wilde.

P. Craig Russell is definitely an artist's artist, meaning all other artists want to be him when they grow up. Excuse me while I put on my hyperbole hat again in saying give yourself and or your loved ones a treat and look at the wonder that is The Art of P. Craig Russell at your favorite comic book store (or even not so favorite comic book store that knows enough to stock this book).

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