Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sarah Conner...

Last night Fox aired the last two episodes of The Sarah Conner Chronicles otherwise known as the Terminator television series. I'm sure it'll be back because from what I've heard, Sarah Conner has done very well (because of the writer strike, which recently ended, it's unknown when new episodes will appear though).

From the very first two hour premiere, The Sarah Conner Chronicles has been what I think is the best action packed, engaging and sometimes even thought provoking, riviting genre show on television (I still hold Pushing Daisies as best new show though). Any show that has time travel as a big part of its reason for existence normally gets big points taken off from me (mostly I wouldn't even watch such a show) because I hate the concept of time travel as it's ripe with so many paradoxes. Even though The Sarah Conner Chronicles very premise involves time travel, it manages to do so in a way that doesn't seem convoluted or confusing (although I'm sure that if one thought about scenarios within the show, they could come up with all kinds of problems as to why things can't play out as they are). This show has the expensive effect sequences that other action packed sci-fi genre shows have, but it also has great characters that find themselves in crazy situations, while at the same time not being convoluted and teasing viewers with endless mysteries that never get resolved (I'm looking at you Heroes and Lost).

Anyway, back to last nights episodes briefly (and no spoilers follow): Both episodes show how well cast this show is and how the tension just builds between the characters and again this is due to smart writing that is just the right balance of character development, action, and suspense that doesn't insult viewers. The second episode last night especially ramped things up with a great use of a Johnny Cash song that was both eerie and had you on the edge of your couch. It'll be a long wait until The Sarah Conner Chronicles comes back, but if the people working on this show can keep up with what they've introduced in the twelve episodes thus far, then this show will be a keeper.

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