Monday, December 29, 2008

The Quest For The Missing Girl

The Quest For The Missing Girl is another great self contained manga graphic novel (334 pages) by Jiro Taniguchi. Two previous works by Taniguchi have been released by publisher Fanfare / Ponent Mon, The Walking Man, in 2007 and The Ice Wanderer, in 2008, both of which received Eisner Award nominations.

The Quest For The Missing Girl
, like The Walking Man and The Ice Wanderer, are mostly quiet reflections on everyday living and the world around us. This doesn't mean that Jiro Taniguchi's narratives are boring or slow, instead they show us as the best slice-of-life fiction or non-fiction does, that real life is full of wonder and mystery. Many people who don't usually read manga think that all manga art is the same with the characters being mostly children with big eyes, so I show them Taniguchi's magnificent art prowess (also on display in The Quest For The Missing Girl of course) and that usually gets others to see the diversity of styles that Japanese cartoonists employ. Basically The Quest For The Missing Girl is exactly about what the title says it is, with rich characters and a pace that doesn't let up - a story that would also make a great movie.

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