Thursday, July 9, 2009

Batwoman Las Vegas CityLife pick!

Less than two days away for the big joint Alternate Reality Comics / Comic Oasis signing with the Batwoman creative team of J. H. Williams III and Greg Rucka (this Saturday, July 11th, 11-2pm at Alternate Reality Comics, one block from UNLV and then from 4-7pm at Comic Oasis over at the Northwest side of town), so bring your much beloved Williams III and Rucka crafted books and they'll be happy to affix their names upon them! As a reminder, here at Alternate Reality Comics, I have all Rucka and Williams books on sale for 20% off through Saturday and I'll also have complimentary beverages and snacks on hand as well as the snazzy limited edition 11 x 17 Batwoman art print J.H. did exclusively for the signing (for only ten dollars!), of which all the sales proceeds benefit Hero Initiative, a nonprofit organization helping comic creators in need. J.H. (or Jim) will also have original art (as well as an amazing print he did with multiple Eisner award-winning letterer, Todd Klein for a mere twenty dollars) for everyone to awe at and or purchase.

Today the latest weekly Las Vegas CityLife came out and Jarret Keene did a wonderful shout out "pick of the week, thing to do in Vegas this week" as well as an insightful interview with J.H. Williams III. Click on the following links to see how a real writer promotes a big signing:


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