Sunday, July 12, 2009

J.H. Williams III, Greg Rucka , & the Pope

After the second part of the Batwoman signing at Comic Oasis last night, we trekked over to Bucca di Beppo for the post signing dinner. Fortunately Rob made reservations because there was twelve of us and this place is always especially packed on weekends. From left to right: Wendy, J.H, and Greg Rucka trying to narrow down what he doesn't want to eat from the menu. We were uber lucky to get the Pope room, with the snazzy Pope lazy susan in the center of the table. Even though I don't have a religious bone in my body, being in the Pope room amused me greatly (as well as the rest of the group) and was a great enhancement to an all around great day!

Good friends Drea and Rob!

More good friends, from left to right: Bonnie, Heather, Wendy, and the lovely tattooed arm of Lauren! Probably some Pope humor has set off Heather!

On the other side of the table from left to right: Charles Holbert Jr. (artist and friend of us and Derrick Taylor of Comic Oasis), Derrick (overlord of Comic Oasis, also here in Vegas), me, Kate, and Drea. Good friends, great comic book visiting creators, good food & drinks, great conversations, and a great signing - I wish I could have invited everyone to join us, but alas... (seriously though, thanks to all patrons and friends of Alternate Reality Comics and if you have a big group you want to take out to dinner, make reservations a day before and request the Pope room at Bucca di Beppo!).
Charles gave me this awesome illo he did at the table - Batman and the Pope (already kids of this cell phone age who are reading my blog are wondering what that thing is on top of the Pope's head!)!

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