Friday, August 21, 2009

A.D. New Orleans

This week Josh Neufeld's new graphic novel, dealing with the Katrina hurricane, A.D. New Orleans After The Deluge, arrived at finer comic stores (and mine, which I think is a fairly decent comic book store!). New Orleans After the Deluge is a mostly true account of what happened to seven people before, during, and after Katrina, the hurricane that ravaged New Orleans and surrounding areas with winds of upwards of 160 miles per hour. Josh Neufeld changed some names and events slightly for privacy reasons.
Josh Neufeld, with his New Orleans After the Deluge, does a great job of personalizing how the monstrous Katrina storm and the floods that followed, affected the people who had to live through it and how ill-equipped those who were supposed to be in charge, were in getting people to safety (and a lot of the damage could have been prevented, but too many short cuts were taken or protective measures weren't taken at all). Although poor people of New Orleans and surrounding areas were affected in greater numbers than any other group of people, Josh Neufeld largely refrains from hammering on this point, rather he shows through the diversity of the seven people he follows through the course of New Orleans After The Deluge, that Katrina affected people across the board.

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