Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Big Kahn

The Big Kahn is a new graphic novel written by Neil Kleid (who also wrote the Jewish gangster graphic novel Brownsville and the Xeric Award graphic novella Ninety Candles) and illustrated by Nicolas Cinquegrani. I really enjoyed the two aforementioned graphic novels by Neil Kleid so I was already on board for anything he was going to write, but the premise of The Big Kahn added to my anticipation.

The Big Kahn, a 176 page graphic novel, gets into its premise right away, which is the story of David Kahn who, up until his death, lived most of his life conning people into thinking he was a Rabbi (so of course the title of this book and the central character's name is a play on words). This is a work of fiction, but there's nothing fantastical about what unfolds and reading about how David Kahn was able to sell this fabrication he'd created and how it affected his family and the community he lived and worked in, makes The Big Kahn very engrossing. As is evident from the cover and interior page used here in this entry, the art by Nicolas Cinuegrani is crisp and enhances Kleid's prose. Neil Kleid knows he has a good artist with this book as he has several sequences in which no text accompanies the art and Cinquegrani doesn't miss a beat.

I'm sure that Hollywood option people will be calling in short order to try to secure the rights to film The Big Kahn as this story would work wonderfully in several different mediums.

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