Wednesday, September 9, 2009

AnimeVegas 2009 pt. 1

This past weekend was Labor Day weekend and here in Las Vegas that means it was also AnimeVegas time! Here's my wrap up with photos:

This group of cool people to my left are cosplaying as characters from Rozen Maiden.
Maids! Okay I don't really know why maids are popular in manga and anime (well I have my suspicions - grin), but there was more than a couple of people dressed as maids (and something called a maid cafe which didn't serve any coffee or munchies) at AnimeVegas. Nobody's hurting anyone, just good clean fun (pun intended)! As with all of the photos on my blog, if you click on them you'll be able to see them in their larger glory!



These people are brightly cosplaying as characters from Pokemon - be afraid, be very afraid!

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