Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh My Promethea!

Absolute Promethea has arrived! Finally a format that is worthy of this seminal work by Alan Moore and artist J. H. Williams III. DC's Absolute format is their over-sized hardcover slipcase presentation that they reserve for the very best of the best examples of the comic medium and as anyone who's read Promethea already knows (and or those of you looking at the two photos here sampling what the Absolute Promethea looks like can tell), Promethea is at the very head of the class in every respect.
For those of you reading this that are new to my blog and haven't seen the countless blog entries in which I've raved about Promethea, J. H. Williams III, and Alan Moore, stop by my store and I'll talk your ears off or drop me an email. Really, Promethea is ALL THAT and you deserve to have the Absolute Promethea on your gift getting and giving lists!

Regarding this blog title above, "Oh My Promethea!", this is the phrase I'm trying to bring into fashion instead of the over-used "Oh My God!", and the former means more to me than the latter, which is so much of our venacular whether we're religious or not.

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