Monday, October 26, 2009

The Ghoul: Niles & Wrightson & upcoming signing1

No spoilers following:

The Ghoul is a new comic coming out from IDW November 25th, written by Steve Niles and drawn by legendary horror artist Bernie Wrightson. Having enjoyed Niles and Wrightson's previous collaboration, Dead She Said (also from IDW), I was eagerly awaiting The Ghoul and was surprised to have gotten a preview copy this past Saturday of the first issue. For the three of you reading this that aren't already sold just on the basis of this stellar creative team, here's my sound bite capsule for what The Ghoul is:

The Ghoul is a really large hulking man who has lived for over a hundred years who is employed by the FBI for his expertise in handling crimes of a supernatural nature. The other central character in The Ghoul #1 is Detective Lieutenant Lloyd Klimpt, who while investigating a series of Hollywood murders ends up working with The Ghoul because of the nature of the crimes committed.

Steve Niles is most known to comic book readers as the writer / creator of the excellent vampires in Alaska comic, 30 Days Of Night, but he's also written a series of crime fiction novels, in addition to other comic titles such as Simon Dark, Freaks of the Heartland, Bad Planet, and Batman: Gotham After Midnight. The Ghoul artist, Bernie Wrightson, is most known to comic book art lovers for his seminal work on Swamp Thing and Warren Magazines in the early 1970's and he's considered THE horror go to artist if you want highly atmospheric, creepy visuals (actually, speaking of creepy, he did the graphic novel adaptation of Creepshow years ago).

As if getting a preview copy of The Ghoul wasn't exciting enough for me, writer Steve Niles called me up a couple hours later, inquiring whether I'd be interested in hosting him for a signing to launch The Ghoul! So I'm happy to announce that Steve Niles will be signing at my store, Alternate Reality Comics (here in Vegas of course), Wednesday, November 25th (which is when the first issue of The Ghoul debuts). Signing time still needs to be finalized so stay tuned for more details (but mark your calendars for November 25th)!


Andrea Walter said...

Sounds cool! I'll be at that signing hopefully!

Ralph Mathieu said...

I'll save a place in the store for you Andrea (actually I expect a good turnout, but it won't be crazy packed)!

Andrea Walter said...

Very cool! ^^