Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hunter's Fortune

One of the pleasant surprises amongst this week's plethora of comics released, was the first issue of Hunter's Fortune published by Boom Studios. The title of Hunter's Fortune basically is the description of what this comic is about. Hunter Prescott is the central character, whom as the first issue unfolds, is a slacker, direction-less young man, always having to scrounge for money, until he finds that he had an uncle who recently died with said uncle declaring in his will that Hunter will inherit his vast fortune if he can find a certain object he's quested with.

The Hunter's Fortune story is by Andrew Cosby (who created Eureka), with a script by Caleb Monroe. As good as Hunter's Fortune is in terms of story, with good characters, an interesting premise that gets going right away with good doses of humor throughout, I'd like to spotlight the artist, Matt Cossin, who makes his comic debut with Hunter's Fortune. A little disclaimer, before I talk about Matt Cossin's art: Matt and his brother Mike (who
colors Hunter's Fortune) have been customers of my store for a number of years now. Anyway, I've seen a little of Matt's art before seeing / reading the first issue of Hunter's Fortune, but nothing that prepared me for the level of cartooning that Matt displays here.

Matt Cossin's art has everything essential to good sequential storytelling that makes for good comics, such as being able to distinguish characters from one another, good panel to panel flow, actual backgrounds, a range of character expressions, and an understanding of perspective. Mike Cossin (Matt's brother), the colorist of Hunter's Fortune, uses color graduation to great effect and his hues greatly contribute to the art looking as strong as it does. I hope to see more cartooning from Mike and Matt Cossin after Hunter's Fortune, and I'm happy to see a couple of local guys hit a new book out of the park as they have (seriously, I'm not just saying this because they live here in Vegas and shop at my store - stop by my store and check out a copy and you'll see I'm not just talking sideways!).

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MATT said...

Ralph, WOW! Thanks for the generous review! The pressure is on for issue #3, underway now. Hopefully issue #2 can muster up the same reaction!
I think its my best work! And the story is a lot of fun! The adventure kicks off with a trip to Tibet!