Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Search

The Search is a sequel to A Family Secret and its story focuses on Esther getting re-acquainted with her long-lost friend Helena and recounting what happened to them and other friends and family of theirs during the German occupation of the Netherlands during World War II. Yes this is another Holocaust story and there is a lot of Holocaust stories that already exist in many different mediums, but this was a horrible part of the world's history and there are many more such stories that need to be told. The Search, as with A Family Secret, is a work of fiction about the Holocaust, but other than the characters used in these books, the events are historically accurate and certainly what happens to the characters in these books sadly also happened to people who lived and died during the Holocaust.
The Search is written by Ruud van der Rol, Lies Schippers, and Eric Heuvel and drawn by Eric Heuvel and is also produced by the Anne Frank House (in Amsterdam), with 60 pages in full color for only $9.99. While The Search is a sequel to A Family Secret, it can be read unto itself as there is a recap of events that happen in A Family Secret. Both of these graphic novels would serve as excellent introductions to young adults to what Jewish people experienced during the Holocaust.

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