Monday, August 2, 2010

some great alternative comics...

The Utopian is a great self published comic by Las Vegan cartoonist, Pj Perez, about a young man who takes it upon himself to fight injustices around his neighborhood. He doesn't have any super powers and one doesn't have to suspend much in the way of disbelief while reading The Utopian, like with Mark Millar's Kick Ass (not that there's anything wrong with the way Mark Millar handled this same premise, nor is The Utopian any less exciting because it isn't "flashy" like Kick Ass). The third print issue of The Utopian just came out, but you can also read The Utopian weekly at:

Pj Perez, through his Pop Goes The Icon self publishing company, produces Omega Comics Presents, an anthology comic with different short comics by different creators, of which Pj writes and draws the lead story, Omega, about a terrorist situation that takes place at Hoover Dam. Good suspenseful comic storytelling, that has great drama that isn't over the top, but rather really well thought out.
From the other side of the world, Australian writer Jason Franks and artist J. Marc Schmidt bring us The Sixsmiths from SLG Publishing. The Sixsmiths will be released as a graphic novel later this year, but Jason & J. Marc brought some copies of a $1.00 sample issue of The Sixsmiths that has me eagerly awaiting more! The Sixsmiths follows a group of seven characters in one page vignettes that have a dark humor about them that will appeal to anyone who likes to chuckle.

Artist J. Marc Schmidt, who illustrates The Sixsmiths that I talk about above, also illustrates (in color) and adapts Pete Townshend's (yes, the guy from The Who) Psychoderelict, an often very funny story about a character, Ray High, who tries to overcome his hippy background and get his musical act back together. While I was being highly entertained by Psychoderelict (and The Sixsmiths?, I was wondering where I had seen this art style before, and it wasn't until I got to the bio page at the end of this mini graphic novella, that I was reminded that J. Marc Schmidt also did the very funny graphic novels Eating Steve and Egg Story (funny, funny, stuff!) also from SLG Publishing.

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