Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lost At Sea; Bryan Lee O' Malley

Lost At Sea is a self-contained graphic novel by Scott Pilgrim creator and cartoonist, Bryan Lee O' Malley. It's an early comic book work by O' Malley, but while it's not kinetic or funny as Scott Pilgrim is, it's a great coming of age / where am I going story with great characters.

The central character of Lost At Sea is Raleigh, an eighteen year old gal, who is at the crossroads of where people that age are.

I've heard Lost At Sea described as being emo and I know for some people when they hear something described as being emo, they run screaming, but isn't "emo" short for "emotion" or "emotional" and what's wrong with that? I guess emo can be bad if it's overbearing or forced, but Lost At Sea is neither of these, just a graphic novel you'll be glad to have read.

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Andrea Walter said...

I always wanted to pick this up after I finished the SP books.

Happy New Comics Wednesday 8/16/17 - Big Metal #1 release, Kirby 100th B-Day Celebration local artist opening tonight (with a HUGE Kirby cake), & Very Awesome Girls LV Book Drive / Bake Sale this Saturday edition!!

 I hope everyone has stayed off of the interwebs and not had this first issue spoiled! After these three photos showing some of the comics...