Monday, July 26, 2010

The Playwright: Eddie Campbell

Yay, I'm getting caught up on my comic reading and this morning I started on a couple of graphic novels that came out in the past two weeks! The Playwright is Eddie Campbell's new graphic novel (with collaborator Daren White) under the Top Shelf / Knockabout banner and it is up there with Eddie Campbell's finest graphic novel productions, such as Fate of The Artist, Three Piece Suit, and The King Canute Crowd (all three of the aforementioned are collection in the excellent Alec The Years Have Pants).

The Playwright is a dark comedy that brings to mind the kind of characters that Daniel Clowes (and to some extent, Chris Ware) does, with the central character, a middle-aged, award-winning playwright, starting at a point in which he sees himself as above all those around him and thus having largely only a negative regard for other people. I don't want to give people the impression that The Playwright is Eddie Campbell just doing an alternative cartoonist type graphic novel, because by the end of The Playwright, you'll see what Eddie Campbell is going for with this book.

The Playwright is a full color, 160 page hardcover graphic novel for only $14.95 and Epstein gives it the full five star Ich Liebe Comics! highly recommended stamp of approval!

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