Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Scott Pilgrim midnight vol 6 release a SMASHING success!

Just look at how happy these fine people are, and just wait until they get to actually read Scott Pilgrim vol.6!

More happy people awaiting their chance to finish purchasing Scott Pilgrim vol.6 and be the first on their blocks to read said conclusion to a great series all around!

Based on sales of previous volumes of Scott Pilgrim at my store, I knew that a lot of people were anxiously awaiting volume six, but by my early estimates, I had at least double the turnout then I was expecting. I only have a very small handful of copies left and expect to sell out of them tomorrow (Tuesday), for a supply that I thought I'd have for a few weeks! Hopefully I can get a rush reorder processed to arrive before the weekend as I barely had enough to last the event (and I would have been very sad if people who came weren't able to get a copy).

The guy with the "face" is Alex, (who used to work my shop on Sundays), this must be why his wife, artist Laurenn McCubbin, loves him so!

Seriously, HUGE thanks to everyone who showed up and made the midnight release of Scott Pilgrim vol.6 such a fun, roaring success! Also big big thanks to Jim, for all of his help (especially in the hectic register / sales portion of the 12:01am vol. 6 release), and thanks to my friends Michelle Irish (who went above and beyond!) and Paul Tompkins for their unsolicited help, which really made things run as smoothly as they did. I'm happy that the vegan donuts from Ronald's Donuts were such a big hit and I found quite a few early good homes for my special print that Ron Horsley did of Scott Pilgrim & Epstein!

This is Tony & Teresa and their beloved doggie, all three of whom came all the way from way across town (and they have to get up early like many who showed up tonight / this morning) - they were the first winners (of three prizes I had in my raffles) of a framed two-sided Scott Pilgrim movie poster. Tony is also holding the event print, of which I still have some left at the store for the low price of $7.00 on heavy stock paper (I'm such a shameless capitalist, sorry!).

In addition to the the great mix of people who shared my exiting Scott Pilgrim vol.6 midnight release with me at Alternate Reality Comics (and Dylan Todd for his great Scott Pilgrim music mix!) and my helper lads and lass, I'd like to also give a gigantic hug to Scott Pilgrim creator, Bryan O'Malley, for writing and drawing these highly entertaining, kinetic, and funny graphic novels, that inspire such enthusiasm in his fans.


Chris A said...

Thanks, Ralph, for hosting the event and giving all of us a place to gather for the evening!

Here are a couple more photos, including the reading+drinking party next door immediately afterwards.

Andrea Walter said...

ACK! I wish I was able to go. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy when I fly back next week!