Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back to school for me!

This afternoon I got to take part in helping promote literacy at Will Beckley Elementary School, here in Las Vegas.

The theme was superheroes, so of course they had to invite a comic book store, and I want to thank Tracy and Meggin for having Alternate Reality Comics be that comic store! This first photo is me with Literacy Man!

This cool sign, made by one of the teachers, sums up the objective of their event!

These excited young lads were just three of the MANY elementary students of Will Beckley that got some cool free comics from Alternate Reality Comics that will hopefully encourage them to read more (and maybe become regular comic book fans - grin)!

I can't remember the names of these two large reading mascot characters behind these girls, but all of the kids loved that they were at the event! Actually the only bigger reaction of the entire event was a local team of fire fighters, who gave the kids a tour of their engine - they, along with police officers and doctors and SCHOOL TEACHERS, are the real SUPERHEROES!


Red She Said said...

Amazing. You should be so proud. I think it's really cool that you got to participate in this. :)

Ralph Mathieu said...

Thanks, Sierra. I liked your blog post the other day on your day getting a letter back from the White House back in 1978!

Super Yoss said...

Cool! I love to collect fantasy-superheroes pictures (real paper, stored at my scrapbooks!). Now, I'm so happy if found a friend who also love comic!