Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday artist jam & benefit pt.2!

Eric Basaldua with Kate and myself, holding the bottle of rum we got him. Another patron of the arts who isn't in any of my photos here, Gary Rabuzi, also brought Eric a bottle of rum, and as Eric said upon seeing the three bottles "Now I've got my breakfast, lunch, and dinner lined up!" Did I mention that Eric likes rum!?

Andy Bohn did this great piece of art showing some different Robins for Jason!

Just a little shot of some of the people who made it out to Sunday's artfest / signing / benefit. Thanks to everyone who came out and made the day the success it couldn't have been without you! I was a little nervous about what the turnout would be, being that Sundays are amongst the store's slower day, but the artists were happy with the amount of people who came out and a good amount of donations was raised for Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth (and Maximum Comics, who hosted the artists on Saturday had the same results)! My hat is being tipped to the Las Vegas comic fan community!

This is artist Alfred Truijilo, who's done artwork for Zenescope, holding his FANTASTIC original art donation that was one of the raffles prizes to raise donations for our chosen charity. All of the artists donated pieces to be used as raffle prizes, so I'd like to thank them all for doing that - I know the people who won them on Sunday will give them great homes!
Artist Jean Arrow, who did this awesome piece of art for Jason, who's one of Las Vegas' foremost supporters of the comic book community here (he actually visits all of the valley's comic book stores to make sure none of us step out of line - grin!)!

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