Monday, March 21, 2011

Drinking At The Movies; Julia Wertz

I finally got around to reading Julia Wertz's graphic novel Drinking At The Movies, which came out last September. Drinking At The Movies, is an autobiographical graphic novel by Julia Wertz (who has also done a comic called Fart Party, collected in two trades that I haven't read yet) about living in Brooklyn, New York after impulsively deciding to move there from her previous home of San Francisco.

Drinking At The Movies has all of the staples of what people think of when they think of autobio comics, such as starving artists, crappy jobs, crappy relationships, crappy apartments, and the basic just strolling through life seemingly without any real concern about what will happen. But Julia Wertz, in Drinking At The Movies, doesn't allow the tone of her book to be one of pathos, because she realizes that she has made her life choices, so Drinking At The Movies isn't a deep life examination, rather it's an often funny look at the slacker lifestyle. I enjoyed Drinking At The Movies a lot more than I thought I would and I'll have to admit that the only thing that kept me from reading this earlier is the art, which while not horrible, is a little crude, but while reading this graphic novel, found that this style actually moves the narrative along quite nicely.

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