Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Term Life; AJ Lieberman & Nick Thornborrow

Term Life is a new crime fiction graphic novel written by AJ Lieberman (Batman Gotham Knight & Cowboy Ninja Viking), drawn by Nick Thornborrow, and published by Image Comics. The central character of Term Life, Nick (yes it's the same first name of the artist, but I think that's the only thing they have in common), is a con man who is suspected of killing a mob bosses' son and stealing his money. Nick has a thirteen year old daughter who he has kept his distance from her whole life so as not to involve him in his chosen "career", but now as he worries that he's not long for the world (as said mob boss is looking to end his life), he takes out a life insurance policy on himself to take care of his daughter upon his life's end. The insurance policy doesn't take effect until a three week background check on Nick's health is completed so Nick has to stay alive for 21 days and then his daughter will be taken care of.

Term Life is a very charged crime fiction graphic novel, with great characters and a great premise from writer, AJ Lieberman, and artist, Nick Thornborrow, will definitely be getting many offers for gigs from his work here in Term Life.


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Happy New Comics Wednesday 6/21/17 - before you go to this weekend's Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, you should stop by Alternate because just look at the titles out tomorrow edition!!

Really looking forward to reading these titles, only read Batman #25 so far, the first part of the War of the Jokes and Riddles and it...