Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Keith Knight visits & a cool new t-shirt!

Today I got a visit from cartoonist Keith Knight (K Chronicles and The Knight Life), who stopped by to check out my new store space (he lives in Los Angeles) and deliver me copies of his new (th)Ink Anthology. The big guy is Keith and the little guy is his son, Jasper. Jasper even knows how to speak German (his mother is from Germany)!
Hot off the presses! Too Small To Fail (the new (th)ink Anthology) - available in Las Vegas only from Alternate Reality Comics! Page after page of great one panel political cartoons!

This t-shirt is not related to Keith Knight, but it is also cool and it's new at Alternate Reality Comics - hopefully people will "get" this t-shirt or I'll have to take out a mortgage on my house!

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