Friday, September 16, 2011

Batwoman #1 & J.H. Williams III upcoming signing!!

This week another thirteen titles of DC Comics new 52 titles arrived and amongst them was one of the most anticipated - Batwoman #1, beautifully drawn by Eisner Award winning artist, J.H. Williams III, and co-written by J.H. and W. Haden Blackman! This new DC company wide relaunch has exceeded expectations and all of the titles are flying off of shelves everywhere, with all of the titles going to a second print! Batwoman #1 is no exception and even though I ordered at really high levels I'm very close to being sold out (this fact isn't helped by my store getting shorted one third of my order with no replacement copies at the distributor level - arrrgghh!). I do have a line on some more from other stores that should be arriving next week (Alternate Reality Comics club members who haven't picked up their reservations yet, fear not, they're tucked away for you!). Seriously, I had what I thought was at least a two month supply of this first issue, but the new DC is really bringing in new faces in droves!

So is Batwoman #1 any good? No ------- it's GREAT! Seriously, it's illustrated by J.H. Williams III, so of course it's the top of the top of the greatest in sequential art! For a lot of people, Batwoman #1 will be their first exposure to J.H.'s writing, but I already knew it would be good because he has written with collaborators before. The first issue starts off with Batwoman already having had some adventures, as this isn't her first appearance, but newbies who haven't read Batwoman Elegy (the graphic novel by J.H. Williams III and writer, Greg Rucka, collecting their run with this character from Detective Comics) may be a little confused, but they won't be bored as they read how J.H. and W. Haden Blackman re-introduce Batwoman into the DC universe! And there's some special guest new supporting characters that have joined the party!

As many of you who have been at Alternate Reality Comics these past two months and have seen the announcements, we are ecstatic to bring back J.H. Williams III for another signing (his first time at my store's new location)! Mark your calendars for Saturday, October, 1st from 4-7pm as Alternate Reality Comics and our beloved patrons / friends show J.H. how much we love the art magic he does! Earlier that same day (Saturday, October 1st), my great friend, Derrick, will be hosting J.H. Williams III at his store, Comic Oasis (in the Northwest side of town), from 11am-2pm! Anyone who has already been to Comic Oasis already know it's one of Vegas' finest, but if you haven't been there yet, here's your chance to check out Derrick's shop and meet J.H. Williams III (and then head over to my shop a couple of hours later and meet him again - grin!)! Here at Alternate Reality Comics, we'll have a big sale on J.H. Williams III graphic novels such as Batwoman Elegy, Batman Black Glove, Promethea (!!), and Desolation Jones, so if you don't already have these gems, this will be a great time to get them (Saturday, October 1st from 4-7pm)!! And just wait until you see the special raffle prizes we've got lined up for the signing!

In addition to J.H. Williams III coming to Alternate Reality Comics and Comic Oasis on Saturday, October 1st, here at Alternate Reality Comics, we'll be having a big selection of original art on display from J.H. that will be up from September 23rd through the end of October at our Artist Spotlight original art gallery section of our store! J.H. Williams III will be selling original art also, so this will be a great chance for you to purchase objects of beauty that will greatly enhance your abode and be the envy of all of your friends!

Saturday, October 1st at Alternate Reality Comics and Comic Oasis with artist / writer, J. H. Williams III is guaranteed to be the best way you can kick start the fabulous month of October!

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