Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tuesday's midnight Justice League #1 release!

As many of you probably already know, this week DC Comics started the relaunch of their superhero universe with the release of Justice League #1 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee! Comics stores were allowed to have a Tuesday midnight release of JL #1 and the final issue of Flashpoint (which sets up the new DC universe in a really dramatic story). Here in this photo are some of my friends who helped out with the celebration: Warren, Kit (she does the best Harley Quinn I've ever seen!), Brice, Jason, Brieanna, and Heath (Michelle, why aren't you in this photo!?)!

Just some of the MANY people who stayed up past my bedtime to celebrate this historic moment for comics, specifically for DC Comics! Totally worth me getting just three hours of sleep! I'm pretty confident that a big majority of the people who read Justice League #1 will be back for the next issue and this comic will also be a great gateway comic for future fans. JL #1 is a great start to the new DC, which really kicks into full gear next Wednesday, September 7th with Action Comics #1 (by Grant Morrison), Batgirl #1(written by Gail Simone), and Swamp Thing #1 (written by Scott Snyder, one of my new favorite writers), and 10 other new first issues, so I really believe there's going to be a new DC title that will push just about every comic book lover's buttons! I believe I've ordered pretty strongly on all of these debuts, but I'd like to encourage everyone to come by Alternate Reality Comics and ask me how our reserve club subscription service works.

This is Stephanie Payne, head of Very Awesome Girls Into Nerdy Activities with her uber cool drawing of her papa, Magneto, drawn by local artist (and good friend), Warren Wucinich! Warren was joined by Brice Gielgens, another great local artist, who drew a lot of cool illos (sadly I didn't get a chance to get a photo of any of the sketches he did) for people that came out for our midnight Justice League #1 / Flashpoint #5 release celebration. I saw SO many friends and patrons (same difference) of Alternate Reality Comics along with a number of newbies, so I think the future of DC Comics looks very bright! For new Ich Liebe Comics! readers, I also have a store facebook page, Alternate Reality Comics, Las Vegas!, just do a search with that title as I have many more photos there!

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