Monday, September 5, 2011

Green River Killer graphic novel

Last week, Dark Horse Books released an excellent true crime graphic novel called Green River Killer A True Detective Story, in a really nice hardcover package (and it doesn't have an annoying dust jacket), 234 pages, at $24.99, and although that's pricey, it's worth every penny!

Green River Killer, is of course about the serial killing of women that took place up in Seattle that Detective Tom Jensen investigated for twenty years. Written by Jeff Jensen (senior editor of Entertainment Weekly) and starkly illustrated by Jonathan Case, Green River Killer is as engaging as the best crime fiction novel graphic novel, but all the more fascinating because it's a true story, with an added element of interest being the fact that Jeff Jensen is writing about a case his father worked on while he (Jeff) was growing up. To my knowledge, this is Jeff Jensen's first foray into writing a graphic novel, but he and artist Jonathan Case, have come out of the gate very strongly and Green River Killer gets my and Kate's highest recommendation!

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