Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy New Comics Wednesday 9/4/13 - to say that today is a BIG release day is a HUGE understatement!

DC Villains Month starts today!! Having read the first issue of the mini series that kicks off these one shot villain titles, Forever Evil, I'm here to tell you that the first issue is REALLY good, you'll know from the first issue whether this is a book you'll be sticking with! It's by Geoff Johns and David Finch, so I'm surprised more people didn't sign up for this title, especially given Geoff Johns' track record at writing really good villains (remember his four year Flash run?) and David Finch does some pretty dynamic art too! The first issue of The Star Wars is also on the slate for today (haven't read that yet) - it's an eight issue adaptation of the original treatment of what the Star Wars movies became (meaning Episode Four specifically)! This is another new title that I'm surprised more people didn't sign up for in advance of its release (Alternate Reality Comics has a lot of copies, because I think people will be curious about this). Everyone loved the first issue of Trililum by Jeff Lemire, right? Well if you want to ensure not missing future issues, signing up for this issue will help us know how to stock this - sorry if this post seems to lean heavy on adding titles to your pull and hold file, but with  the sea of titles out there, we can't just order an infinite amount of everything (at the same time, I do understand that people want to check out a new title for an issue or two before committing to it, because no one can buy everything, so if you just like to come into your favorite comic store and be surprised at what's available that's cool too of course - and there's always the trade paperback collection if you miss out).

Second issue of Infinity! And Marvel tries to go one on one with DC's Forever Evil event by releasing X-Men Children of the Atom #1 and All New X-Men #16, which is chapter two of Children of the Atom. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, not many people signed up for X-Men Children of the Atom, which I think is odd as it is very "important" to what's going on in All New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men. Spidey 2099 pops up in Superior Spider-Man! - what's up with that (I haven't read this yet)!?

God is Dead - new Jonathan Hickman title! Mocking Dead looks like it could be fun (or it could very well be a stupid attempt to cash in on Walking Dead). Reality Check, a new Image title, looks like an interesting, different new series. And Batman Black and White is back, a title that features short black and white Batman stories by some of the best comic creators out there (I think the Chipp Kidd / Michael Cho story is worth the price of this first issue all by itself)!
Yes, we will have some of the DC villain month 3D lenticular covers available, but a lot of them have been absorbed by people who filled out our Villain month sign up sheet (including our club subscription files which had a copy of this form within) we had at the front counter for six weeks. We ordered well above what we had people signed up for because we thought these would be fun one shots that could have a long shelf life beyond just the "normal" one month sell through cycle. Comic stores all across the U.S. also ordered heavily on these 3D titles, so heavy that they exceeded DC's 200% overprint, so DC had to allocate (reduce the number of copies retailers ordered across the board) the amounts every store would get. Normally a publisher knows how many to print up (the amount stores would like) before they set the print run, but because this cover process took longer than normal printing does, they needed a longer print window so they just guessed what they thought stores would want. This is going to happen all through September unfortunately and yes this should have been handled differently by DC, but there's no undoing it now, so please don't beat up your favorite comic stores too much as this really was beyond our control (additionally, I hope it doesn't appear that I'm just attacking DC, rather I just want to share what has happened here). Villain month should still be fun and DC has also made available standard 2D cover versions of all of these titles (which will come out on the same day as the 3D cover version) and they're a dollar cheaper!

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