Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sweet Tooth; Jeff Lemire

Earlier this year, Jeff Lemire's excellent Vertigo series, Sweet Tooth, ended after 40 issues (collected in six trade paperbacks). I was reading it when it came out monthly, but somewhere I got behind (not for lack of loving what I'd read) and decided to wait until it was over and read the entire series in one go. Well today was that day and as I suspected, reading Sweet Tooth this way was a very enjoyable experience.

Jeff Lemire, is a modern day comic book writer / illustrator, creator, like Matt Kindt (Mind Mgt., Red Handed), who is telling / drawing comics unlike anyone else currently doing comics. Lemire, with his creator owned projects like Sweet Tooth and his new Vertigo series, Trillium, is always looking for new ways to create sequential art stories and his artistic experiments also very much serve the greater story he is telling.

Sweet Tooth is a post apocalyptic story in which people are dying in great numbers (an unexplained event called the Sickness) and a new species is being born called Hybrids, who have animal and human traits, such as Gus, one of the central characters, who has antlers on his head. Sweet Tooth is a very thrilling, fast past story, with lots of mystery, but it also has great characters for which you'll very early on become attached to and you'll be very invested in what happens to them. The entirety of Sweet Tooth is done without any missteps (there's also a couple of chapters drawn by Matt Kindt, that totally enhances the story being told) and the ending is perfect - need I say HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!?

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