Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy New Comic Wednesday - ALL of the comics came out edition!

 Yup, it's Thanksgiving week, so that always means there's a plethora of comics that hit to insure that you've got sequential art entertainment to enjoy after your foodfest! Always a bang zoom day when Saga and Walking Dead come out! This week's new Image title, Black Science, is written by Rick Remender and we have a special cover edition as well! Second issue of Damian Son of Batman (an Elseworlds story) and we see what Barry (Flash) was doing during Zero Year!
 Infinity concludes this week and there's a lot of titles such as New Avengers, Infinity Heist, Infinity Hunt, and the Wolverine and the X-Men Annual (not pictured, but on the bottom right here with the camera flash, is the new issue of Wolvie and the X-Men)! Nova #100 (!?!), Superior Spidey (Doc Oct against Venom!), and a new issue of All New X-Men!
The Sandman Overture comic on the bottom left is the special edition that has behind the scenes on how this comic came together, with transparent lettering that really shows how amazing JH's art is! This Deadpool Annual has an art style that evokes what the new Hawkeye series looks like (and the new issue of Hawkeye is out!) so I can't wait to read it (and I don't usually read Deadpool, even though I've heard this new run has been a lot of fun)! There's really way too many comics that came out this week for me to talk about and I have to get back to reading some of them, so I hope to see a lot of you in a couple of hours!

Black Friday Sale, Alternate Reality Comics style! We'll be open from 6am-7pm with FREE Ronalds Donuts, FREE beverages, and the following sale specials detailed in the Ich Liebe Comics! blog entry below this entry!!

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