Sunday, November 17, 2013

Woman Rebel The Margaret Sanger Story; Peter Bagge

Woman Rebel The Margaret Sanger Story is a new graphic novel biography written and drawn by cartoonist Peter Bagge (Neat Stuff, Hate, are two of his previous alternative comic series), published by Drawn + Quarterly. 

Margaret Sanger was a pioneering feminist who championed women's rights to birth control. Peter Bagge's biographical graphic novel on Margaret Sanger spans her birth in the late 19th Century, her role as a mother, wife, nurse, and educator. Margaret Sanger traveled the world promoting birth control and went on to found Planned Parenthood (the name of the organization was one she wasn't entirely happy with). Peter Bagge is mostly known as a cartoonist whose exaggerated art style one wouldn't think initially would be well suited for a serious graphic novel, but Margaret Sanger wasn't always a serious person and many of her "adventures" in her home life and traveling to promote birth control are humorous. Additionally, Peter Bagge's unique art style turns what could have just been an average biography into a graphic novel that is every bit as lively as Margaret Sanger appeared to be.

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