Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy New Comics Wednesday 3/12/14 - Stray Bullets edition!

Today is a BIG day for people who love crime fiction comics - Stray Bullets is back! David Lapham's seminal series, Stray Bullets, first hit the scene back in 1995 and ran for 40 issues before he disappeared. Well today issue 41 is out concluding the previous story and the massive Stray Bullets Uber Alles edition, collecting all 41 issues - that's just shy of 1200 pages (!!) is also out for a mere $59.99! But wait, there's more: if you've never read Stray Bullets before, Stray Bullets: Killers #1 is also out and it's perfect for long time readers and newbies, really Lapham hasn't missed a beat being gone from Stray Bullets all these years and you newbies will see what all of the excitement is about!

Second issue of the great new Vertigo series, Royals Masters of War, is out as well! We still have first issues, money back guarantee title!
Second issue of Robinson and Kirk's Fantastic Four is out and this has the makings of a really great run (and we also have first issues of this in stock)! Ales Kot (Zero) writes the new Secret Avengers and Captain Marvel is back!
The latest issue of walking Dead is out and you're going to want the next issue right away (fortunately we only have to wait two more weeks)! Black Widow, Mercenary Sea, a new Dorkin & Thompson Beast of Burden one shot, East of West, Coffin Hill, and Justice League of America are just some of the other new titles not pictured that will all probably make pretty good chasers after reading Stray Bullets!

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